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Public Relations

Finding Solutions, Sparking, Progress

Our experts bring decades of valuable experience to advise clients on how to affect change at the highest level in the global market. Our network and knowledge of the ever-changing political climate helps us navigate policy changes for our clients worldwide. We create synergy between brand and business to improve relations with media and key stakeholders.


Our approach is facing to Quality, Business Focus and Creativity

We are ambitious and ensure our solutions have the highest professional quality.

We focus on our clients’ business challenges, and what they need to do to meet them.

Our advice ensures we deliver where the client does not have the resources to develop or implement actions alone.


For us, Public Affairs is being the bridge between business and politics. 

We provide the link between law, regulatory frameworks, public administration, political campaign work and strategic communication in order to help our clients achieve their goals.

We See Connections: We help our clients see the connections between markets, how regulatory decisions are exported and how public opinion changes to provide a solution to their needs.

Outside Point of View: We provide our clients with a holistic point of view, including insights into social and political processes to promote, influence, and gain support for their stories, issues and interests.

Balanced Analysis: We put together teams of consultants with different political views and experiences. This provides our clients with the most informed, detailed advice and strategy.

Our services include strategic counseling, event planning, media relations, as well as campaign counseling that support our clients’ goals. We comply with all relevant local regulations throughout our markets.


Any organization can find itself in an unexpected time of crisis, and the long-term impact of that crisis depends on the organization’s first reaction.

At Orion, we can navigate our clients’ companies effectively out of a crisis while minimizing potential long-term consequences. In case of any crisis, we offer counseling minute by minute and help in organizing and executing your crisis management plan. We also offer full crisis planning to prepare companies for the possibility of crises in the future.


For Us issue Management is the combination of political knowledge, preparedness, and anticipation of what lies ahead.

Our teams utilize issue management techniques to help clients prepare for, and respond to, regulative and political changes. It is about being proactive and adopting a constructive approach to all relevant stakeholders. By understanding how political and regulatory decisions connect and interact across markets, we help our clients safeguard both their reputations and the commercial basis of their operations.

Political Risk Assessment

As an addition to standard due diligence and business strategizing, we have developed a methodology to assess public, regulatory and political risks for a business or an investment. By understanding the issues that go beyond traditional business insights, we can assess these risks and measure the long-term challenges our clients face. We base our counsel on solid analyses and broad experience from both the public and private sector.

Strategic Communication

Companies need to establish their individual corporate story in order to communicate with surrounding stakeholders, opinion leaders and legislators. Strategic communication requires a company approach to public affairs, as well as marketing and sales. We enter into a partnership with our clients to identify the most relevant communicative approach by integrating a business-relevant strategy with our in-depth knowledge of European society. This allows our clients to consistently make decisions that strengthen their reputations and help them achieve their business targets.