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Logistics Planning and Consulting

Flexible strategies in logistics consulting

Modular systems is our key for maximum flexibility. They allow you to react to evolving business demands at the drop of a hat and dynamically adjust your capacities as material throughput increases.

Cost-efficient solutions thanks to sound logistics planning

Our sophisticated concepts help you achieve an optimal material flow at a low cost per pick.


Comprehensive industry, software & robotics expertise

By skillfully analyzing your data and gaining an in-depth understanding of your industry, we are able to holistically improve all of your operational processes. Our software, automation and robotics solutions are ready for the challenges the future is sure to bring.

Your logistics investment needs both a solid foundation and the freedom to respond dynamically to future developments. To find the right solution for you, Orion conducts methodical in-depth planning using four successive steps:


Situation analysis and defined target: For logistics planning that is ready for the challenges of tomorrow, it is crucial to start by determining the existing underlying factors. Our experts collect the available data and analyze your material flows, both in isolation and in relation to other warehouse facilities and processes. Examples of aspects considered during the situation analysis in our logistics consulting include ABC studies of your stored goods, the deployment of staff, the use of space and the level of service. Once a detailed situation survey is available, we compare it with your defined target and use it to establish concrete goals for improving or modernizing your logistics structures.


Concept development: Based on the targets, our consultants develop alternative logistics layouts for you and explain their special features, advantages and disadvantages, along with the investments and measures required for implementation. Among other aspects, we compare different delivery and handover models, order policies as well as warehousing and transportation technologies. Following the planning phase, we present you with a portfolio of solutions, which we prioritize and provide with recommendations.


Concept analysis and proof of concept: Often there are many ways to achieve a goal, but only one that’s a perfect fit. Together with you, we weigh the pros and cons of all imaginable logistics layouts and choose the right one. The next step in the planning phase is the proof of concept – a thorough feasibility study that is considered a milestone in the project development and influences all subsequent steps.


Detailed planning and catalog of measures: The proof of concept examines the proposed technology and financial planning, as well as the safety, speed and required level of flexibility. If the selected logistics design proves to be sound, the green light is given for planning the details. During the logistics planning, we prepare all the necessary specifications for you, create a precise layout for the selected facilities, develop a schedule for implementation, and provide you with a reliable calculation. All of this is part of our logistics consulting services.

Logistics planning for the entire supply chain: From production to delivery to the customer: Orion considers all processes in your supply chain during the logistics planning.


We are happy to provide consulting services in different sectors in the retail industry including e-commerce, wholesale, the food and beverage industry; in the pharmaceutical and medical products sectors; and in the logistics of spare parts, to name just a few examples. Logistics planning for the entire supply chain. From production to delivery to the customer: Orion considers all processes in your supply chain during the logistics planning.