Professional Services

Advisory / Consulting

We provide feedback and actionable strategies to our clients to improve their efficiency or solve complex problems in a specific area. We give them advice specific to their industry and organizational needs.

We are a resource that leverages our knowledge, skills, and experience to help deliver results to our clients in various sectors.

We perform research and develop techniques to identify and mitigate threats, staying abreast of all emerging threats and develop creative solutions to solve our customer issues.

We provide industry-leading incident response, assessment, transformation, managed detection and response, and training services with hands-on tactical support.

We lead large, client-facing projects while mentoring/training junior team members.

We develop and present comprehensive and accurate reports, trainings and presentations for both technical and executive audiences.

We work with our clients security and operations teams to implement remediation plans in response to incidents.

We effectively communicate investigative findings and strategies to technical staff, executive leadership, legal counsel, and internal and external clients.

We collaborate with consulting and managed services partners to build and execute plans.

We understand customer business drivers and strategies, architectures, adoption roadmaps, operating models, KPI, to measure and monitor benefits realisation.

We utilise automation, orchestration, and scripting to reduce manual processes, improving overall efficiency while also enabling new capabilities to meet the rapidly changing client needs.

We foster client relationships by providing support, information, and guidance.