Orion Bostar

Orion Bostars was created in 2022 by a group of successful Operation service professionals.  The principals of Orion have established a international reputation as client and advisor advocates working in tandem with the clients team of advisors.  The value of collaboration teams helps clients throughout the planning process and creates exponential results.

Acknowledging that gaps do occur between a client and the advisor, Orion helps bridge those gaps by interpreting and communicating what is really important to the client, while translating industry jargon and clarifying goals and objectives for the client and the professional advisors. By serving as translators and facilitators, Orion helps to ensure that all of the planning team members are on the same page. Orion is considered an extension of the client, their attorney, and all other client selected team members.

Collaboration allows for better communication. By working with all team members, we facilitate the delivery of extraordinary results for the client.  Orion will translate technical language and complex strategies so the client understands what is being discussed and in what context while allowing the client to be more involved in their planning process.  Orion and the other team members understand that by working together they are able to gather more of the underlying goals and objectives of the client and do so quicker than they could alone.  Orion asks the questions that the client is either too embarrassed to ask or did not even know should be asked.

Greater results are made possible by leveraging the intellectual capital of all the clients advisors simultaneously, enabling the client to benefit from a more thorough and seamless planning process.  In addition, the client saves time and money by ensuring that everyone understands the objectives as a team, rather than having different advisors hearing different things at different times with different interpretations.  With this process in place the client gains clarity and confidence which results in less time and more benefit, all due to the coordinated planning efforts of the entire team.


Mission Statement

We pride ourselves on thinking beyond the rigid confines of the obvious answer.  We aspire to achieve the exceptional.  This is the key to both the success and the satisfaction of our strategic alliance partners and their/our clients.

At Orion Bostars we remain steadfastly dedicated to our core principles that lead to success in today’s bussiness world.


We have been consistently acknowledged for our performance based on our rigorous client advocacy focused on discovering and then helping to achieve our client’s goals and objectives.


Our principals are seasoned professionals who share their diverse points of view and have the perspective that results from over 30 years of combined experience.


We are dedicated to working with our strategic alliance partners so that they may better serve their Top clients. Orion Bostars is known not only for innovative, high-quality consulting and optimized services, but also for the high standards it sets for its entrepreneurial activities. To this end, we have established a global corporate culture centering on professionalism, honesty and responsibility.